3 ways to teach kids about money!

Playing these games which promote financial literacy with your kids is going to be awesome. You will actively engage them in conversations about money and help answer a lot of their questions.

For Ages 4+

Introduce kids to risks of gambling

Let’s get this straight – gambling is neither an investment nor a way to earn a living. From an early age, the children need to understand that indulging in the lottery is a bad idea. Just talking to them about this may not suffice. Here is a fun activity you can do with them to help them understand how gambling is a bad idea.

For Ages 8+

Teach kids about growing money

Yes saving money is extremely important & yes “making money” is also important. However, most parents ignore the fact that the money that is earned & saved – can and must be invested so it can grow! Tips on growing money is one of the most important lessons in a kids life – why? Because kids learn through observation and repetition, but this one aspect of money- the kids seldom

Lets start money conversations with our kids

Kids always surprise you with how much they learn from observation. What they learn, they may immediately forget, hence “repetition” is another tool to retain the information they receive. Money and finance is no different. What they don’t learn from you, they will learn from observing others. So, it is important to talk to kids about money and do it frequently. If you are uncomfortable doing that, well we are